On Tuesday October 11th, A fine Autumn morning fourteen members of Middlesbrough Erimus Rotary visited the Larchfield Community.

Guided by Alex Robertson and Stephen this was an inspiring tour demonstrating the power of positive thinking and teamwork designed to bring personal satisfaction and learning by doing.

There are almost 40 adults with a learning disability living onsite up to seventy travel in daily to work in partnership with their colleague Larchfield employees.

Everywhere the levels of concentration on the task in hand is only outweighed by the sense of happiness and fulfilment from achieving what can be done. The site occupies almost 140 acres and is utterly rural in character.

We are a few hundred yards from built up Coulby Newham and Hemlington but they are light years away from the tranquility and stressless atmosphere here. Free range chickens scratch under laden apple trees and inside the craft room Larchfield wool is being carded, spun and woven into rugs.

Stephen explains graphically as we walk over the land how much he loves living and working here, during lockdown he was part of a team who raised thousands for the charity by walking the site day after day.

At lunch Alex explained how over thirty five years the project alongside its sister operation at Botton Village has grown and developed, No one visiting here could doubt the effectiveness of Larchfield but, if there are any lingering doubts just visit the cafe which is open daily and ask Stephen.

Pictures show A rural Middlesbrough view, Alex and Stephen presenting and some of the many craft items







Residents' work


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