Afternoon Tea with Rotary

Afternoon Tea with Rotary

Wednesday the 7th of October saw the first virtual afternoon tea with members of the Erimus Rotary club coming together.

It was a great afternoon with many bringing their cakes and a cup of tea, while the conversation took great twists and turns.

Enjoyable subjects with many interesting comments.

Joe mentioned the Steelworks and plans that deviate from the initial ideas.

Mary regaled us with tales of their walking and the enjoyable time they had that morning.

Sian showed a leather handbag which was hand-stitched, wonderful craftsmanship.

Dave and Theresa zoomed-in from their break in the Caravan, and Mavis & Bryn enjoyed some rather nice looking meringues.

This was the first of an ongoing monthly event until Christmas.

The next event will be on the 4th of November at 14.30

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