Anirvan Banergee, James Cook University Hospital consultant, gave Middlesbrough Erimus Rotary an excellent insight into the Russ Devereux Headlight Project and the latest progress on Cochlear implants.

Founded in memory of Russ Devereux, the Headlight Project is primarily focused on providing support for families and individuals who have suffered a traumatic bereavement. One to one counselling and various trauma and behaviour therapies for both adults and children are provided.


Anirvan explained how Russ was a good friend but sadly he took his life. Anirvan always thinks of what could have been done differently for Russ to help him through his issues. He thanked Middlesbrough Erimus Rotary for the cheque for £639 for the charity.


Anirvan then explained the progress being made on Cochlear implants to help people of all ages to hear. Young children’s lives are transformed after implants as learning becomes much improved, experiences are achieved such as hearing  music, birdsong and a better understanding of the world around you. The implant which is a very thin electrode wire is inserted into the inner ear using  a delicate operation. The electrode stimulates the nerve endings which then transmit signals to the brain which  are then turned into sound. The operation is available to many with children as young as 6 months up to a current patient of 103 years being able to benefit from the implant.

There is a large team supporting Anirvan and recent changes to guidelines mean the doubling of people who will have implants in the future.


This means that new facilities at the hospital will be required costing up to £7 million . Anirvan is determined to raise £2 million of this for the essential equipment with the rest for a new building.


At the end of the presentation Ray Wallin thanked Anirvan for an excellent presentation delivered with passion and enthusiasm. 


The photograph shows presentation of cheque with Anirvan on left, Alan Clifton,President of Middlesbrough Erimus Rotary, in centre and Ray Wallin , member, on right.


There are also two pictures from the presentation by Anirvan regarding the Russ Devereux Headlight Project.



Cheque Presentation



Russ Devereux Charity


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