Polish Rotary Appeal for Support to Ukrainian Refugees


Rotary North East Support via Middlesbrough Erimus

December 2022 Update


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Since the war started in February 2022, RGBI has provided £5m aid in cash and in kind. Aid from the North East of England has been channelled through Middlesbrough Erimus Rotary and Inowroclaw Rotary. This now totals some £55,000 including $15,000 from a Rotary Foundation Disaster Response Grant.

As winter approached, the war entered a new phase with the Russians starting to destroy civilian power networks. Accordingly much of the aid sent by Rotary is now being used to supply power generators and thermal clothes to civilians.

The Inowroclaw appeal had raised Euro 116,940 by 31 December 2022. Euro 79,960 had been spent, mainly on medical  and clothing (47,333), kindergarten, including summer school for refugee kids (12,380) and power generators (5,168). A full analysis of the income and expenditure of the appeal can be seen on the full press release.

Since December 31, the Inowroclaw Rotary has confirmed that it is sending additional power generating equipment, clothing and food, with a value of Euro 20,000 into Ukraine.

District 1030  (Northeast of England) has sent, $15,000 of the $25,000 Rotary Foundation Disaster Response grant to Inowroclaw. The other $10,000 is being used to support Ukrainian refugees arriving in the area.   Middlesbrough Erimus Rotary has assisted some 20 families and 30 children in the town. In addition to spending on health and education, a Christmas party was organised that  received regional television news coverage.

While support from charities, including Rotary, has been unprecented, it is also true that as hostilities continue, the need for support will continue unabated. As we move into the new year, the balance of funds available to Inowrocaw is around Euro 17,000 and critical equipment is in short supply. Discussions will take place over the next few weeks to establish how ongoing support might be provided.

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