On Tuesday February 28th members of Erimus heard an uplifting story of dedication to a cause- presented by Pat McBride founder of this Tees based charity, which is named for its purpose -‘The Cause Foundation’.

Pat explained how over 35 years previously when working as a teacher at Newlands School a story of hardship had moved her to tears and to action. Turning to her colleagues Pat collected sufficient support to provide her first ‘cause’ Carol with a hamper and half a lifetime of giving to the local communities began.

In that first year Pat’s group raised funding to provide hampers for 25 homes . The support group operated informally and only became a registered charity two years ago but over the intervening period there was a steady growth of need and Cause was always able to find a way to assist.

Now thirty five years later the call for help is louder and harsher than ever and last year Cause provided over 1780 hampers helping more than four thousand children to have a better Christmas sometimes ensuring that they received any festive treats at all.

Pat explained how their assistance now runs to fresh bedding and replacement furniture citing some occasions when single parents have been the subject of arson attacks and in desperate need.

Erimus like others most notably Middlesbrough Football Club have been supporting the work of the Cause Foundation.

In offering the vote of thanks Dave Whittaker promised Pat that her sterling efforts for the Teesside community would remain in our hearts and minds when we raise and distribute charitable funds.


Picture shows Pat presenting


Pat McBride presenting



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