Rotaract GBI is a multi-district information organisation (MDIO). In other words, an MDIO is a central platform for Rotaractors, connecting multiple districts.

We exist to provide information and communication networks for Rotaract in GBI. We do this by running various training, socials, and service projects for Rotaractors. Our approach is to work with, and not for, Rotaractors. The voice of DRRs (District Rotaract Representatives), is fundamental to everything we do. DRRs are the voice for Rotaractors in their districts, and we put a microphone next to those voices.

Rotaract GBI encompasses a Council and an Officer Team, we come together to grow Rotaract in Great Britain & Ireland.

Our Objectives are:

To support our Rotaract clubs, our DRRs and our DRCs with information and communication.
To develop a working relationship with Rotary GBI, our Districts, Rotaract and Interact clubs.
To take action with our Rotaract clubs.
To grow Rotaract across GBI.


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