Rotary Garden Evening

An evening in Rotary members gardens

On Tuesday 15th September the members and partners of Middlesbrough Erimus Rotary club took a turn around 4 members gardens at the height of Covid summertime courtesy as ever, of Zoom.
Alan and Beverley Clifton gave graphic details of shifting 106 barrowloads of topsoil and showed the highly productive veg plot which resulted. Judith Glover impressed all with a combination of ‘Green Fingers’ and a perfectly timed rhyming accompaniment to the video clip. Mike Robson exposed his wife Jan’s inability to pass a plant pot display without purchasing at least one. Geoff Taylor urged members to make house history part of their gardening pleasure.
A very different Rotary meeting was closed with the entirely usual ‘Rotary the World Over’ Toast.
Pictures show two garden views

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