Three days into the horrific invasion of Ukraine a member of Middlesbrough Erimus Rotary Club received a message from our ‘Twinned Rotary club friends’ at Inowroclaw Poland, for some years we have met and shared time at each other’s homes together with our other ‘Twin ‘ Rotary clubs in Germany and the Netherlands.

In the message our Polish colleagues explained how they are actively supplying transport and accommodation support for Ukrainian refugees, these activities are coordinated by Rotary Zamosc which is close to the border with Ukraine. Rotary in Poland is also offering psychological support to children who have lost parents in the enforced diaspora we are all witnessing.

Members of Erimus quickly pledged 1,000 euros in support which was rapidly boosted by members’ individual donations.

The word that we had a direct line of funding to assist victims of the war was passed on through the North East region of Rotary and our initial donation has been growing by the day- To date over


has been contributed in the safe knowledge that every penny will be spent wisely and helpfully by our colleagues in Poland.

The ‘Friends of Erimus Rotary’ group have swung behind the appeal with a number of generous donations coming from across Teesside.
President of Erimus Alan Clifton MBE said “We can use our long-standing friendships across our national borders to ensure any donations are fully utilised without waste or delay.
Rotary Teesside’s Assistant Governor Mike Overy praised the generosity of Rotary members and friends across Teesside stating “ Our members are always seeking effective ways to use charitable funds, the connections mean we can have confidence that all of the contributions will be delivered on the ground where they are most needed”.
North East District Governor Alan Cartwright expressed his support for clubs across the region that have so speedily contributed. “The public know that Rotary clubs work for the common good though probably few realised how quickly and effectively we are able to respond. This is a great example of how we can use our twin clubs to cross borders and get funds where and when they are needed”

If you are able and want to support then please leave a donation here

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