A Message and Request to all Members.


Rotary is a fantastic organisation that many do not know of or realise the good it does.
As the club moves forward it would be great to push ourselves more into the public eye. 

While we send out the newsletters and talk between ourselves, we now need to try and be a little more progressive in shouting out and telling others of the good we do. The idea behind this is not to say “Hey look how good we are!” it is about being able to talk about Rotary as an organisation, how we work within communities, the good we do and the good that others can do by becoming a part of Rotary.

From September each committee will be passing back stories on a monthly basis. These will be published and then archived on the web. They will also start to build an archive of events and support we have given to the community of Middlesbrough. So that in years to come the stories we have of the things we did are still there to be remembered.

It would be great if members have stories of photos from years gone by, something which we can build an archive from now. It can be from your life at work, and how things have changed. It could be from walks or activities you have done. It is really about sharing experiences in the area. Unfortunately, as I am not from the area I do not have stories from my earlier years that can be used, but as I move forward within the community I will have some that can be told.

We have a great club, and a great group of people, with changing times we also need to change a little in how we put Rotary in front of others.

Erimus members dining on the Princess


Guests from Erimus with their host



Shared meeting with Middleborough MA


Dr Sharon Stephen presenting on Novavax


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