In a novel touch for for the inaugural staging of Tees Heritage Walk, participants will use their smartphones to watch the Newport Bridge repeat its last lift in November 1990.

Students and staff from Middlesbrough College have created a series of heritage signs which will be deployed on Sunday May 14th, the last day of Coronation Week as walkers make their way across the ‘Green Travel’ route from Middlesbrough to Stockton. Each of the signs will incorporate a QR code enabling their smartphones to provide details of sites which once hosted Ironworks, jetties and shipbuilding site as well as the remaining iconic riverside structuresng site as well as the remaining iconic riverside structures..

As well as viewing Teesside’s past walkers will be be raising significant sums for a variety of local charities and good causes. Local hospices, food banks and homeless charities are all likely to benefit from the initiative.

The route which is now host to three National Trails has the potential to tell the story of Teesside’s place in our country’s history says Middlesbrough Erimus Rotary President and former Tees Bay Pilot Geoff Taylor . ” The region’s iron and steel industries literally bridged the world bringing communities, cities and even two continents together – We want the Tees Heritage Walk to bring our communities together in the same way – this is a unique opportunity”.

Steve Donnison, head of teaching at Middlesbrough College expressed his delight at the students involvement. “We have a lot of different skillsets across the college and it has been really inspiring to see our young people use their recently acquired knowledge to support this great initiative.”

Picture shows Newport Bridge on its last lift.

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