Youth Competitions 2024

Young Artist: Budding young painters, illustrators and artists can showcase their creative flair with a wide audience by taking part in the Rotary Young Artist competition. Participants have the opportunity to interpret the competition’s annual theme, which this year is “Rebuilding” and set their creativity free. Turn ideas from a blank canvas into a work of art!

Young Chef: We believe it is important to encourage and develop creativity in young people and that includes creativity in the kitchen. Cooking amongst young people is a growing interest and a valuable life skill. Sponsored by Filippo Berio, contestants prepare and present a three course meal within a pre-set budget and time limit, which is judged by an expert panel.

Young Environmentalist: This contest is looking for people like young people, who care about the planet. Entrants will have the opportunity to present unique solutions to environmental problems, from waste management to climate change, and change how we look at the environment. This Years Subject is “Waist minimisation”

Young Film Maker: We know there are many talented young filmmakers out there, all keen to showcase and develop their talents. Participants will take their ideas from concept to reality by producing a five-minute short film based on their interpretation of this years subject which is “Rebuilding”An ideal opportunity for young people to write, edit and direct their own masterpiece!

Young Musician: Young people can share their gift of song or mastery of a musical instrument in Rotary’s Young Musician competition. Participants will get the chance to experience performing on a public stage and receive feedback from experienced judges, plus it offers a great chance for future collaboration with fellow musicians. Entrants can be either a vocalist or instrumentalist.

Young Photographer: Photography has the power to capture special places, moments, and memories. The Rotary Young Photographer competition gives participants the chance to express themselves through photography, interpret the competition’s annual brief, which this year is “Rebuilding” in an imaginative way.

Young Writer: The Rotary Young Writer Competition allows entrants’ imaginations to run wild! This competition offers participants the opportunity to express themselves and get creative with the written word. Again the theme for this year is “Rebuilding”, participants can choose to write fiction or non-fiction, a story or a poem but must not be more than 500 words.

Rotary Youth Exchange: Make international friends – for life!
Learn to appreciate a lot of different cultures and points of view.
Learn foreign languages and improve your communication skills.
Put yourself outside your comfort zone, and become more confident and resilient.
Grow, Empower and Enjoy!

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is a training programme for leaders and potential leaders and is one of the most successful Rotary programmes run by Rotary clubs around the world.
RYLAs are designed for young adults who have potential leadership ability. Whether you are a secondary school student, university student or young professional, RYLA will help you discover your potential and develop the skills needed to be a leader in your community, career and everyday life.
During a RYLA programme, participants will:
• Develop leadership skills and character
• Gain exposure to leadership issues and exchange ideas with like-minded people
• Explore problem solving strategies as part of a group
• Learn how to arrange youth activities and community service projects in the community
• Discuss and apply creative approaches to leadership scenarios
• Get to know about Rotary in the community and find out more about Rotary programmes for young people
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