Tuesday 18 April  saw the setting of our ‘Tees Trees’ sign into the ground behind Teessaurus Park. This signs off on a total of over 800 trees planted by Erimus and our supporters– including those ambitious twigs from the Woodland Trust.
Former Project Manager Terry Bolton had pre drilled the uprights for bolting and, after former Tees Pilot Geoff Taylor had steered the laden wheelbarrow into its docking position our former Works Manager Neil Glover dug two perfectly formed holes. The sign was then assembled under the supervision of former Vice principal Dave Whittaker and put in its place with a team effort plus a bag of Postcrete!.
This is the end of a chapter (the start of another?) and a very big thank you is due to all those who played their part in the planning, permitting, purchasing , placing and planting of our Tees Trees project- They are likely to be there for a lot longer than us

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