On Tuesday August 15th members of Erimus Rotary were joined by a family group.Amy Percival, her mum Bernadette and brother Adam who were celebrating Amy’s achievement in winning Rotary’s Young Artist of the Year Award.

Having initially triumphed in a District competition covering the North East of England her digital composition based on a set theme of Night and Day showed a sun perched on the horizon with a bright and youthful girl watching it rise on the left whilst on the right side an elderly and frail lady sees the same orb setting into the same horizon.

Produced on a tablet the novel concept added to its composition and ensured Amy worn the National Final . President Terry Bolton presented Amy with a trophy and voucher which for Erimus is a repeat success having sponsored the winner two years previously .

In the second part of the evening’s process Erimus Vice President Jacqui Molyneux gave a presentation on the role and work of Magistrates. Jacqui an active magistrate herself then circulated two test cases for members to discuss and offer their judgments as to the levels of sentencing and penalty. This in turn led to a lively discussion and it would be fair to say that the bench of Erimus members found themselves largely in tune with today’s sentencing guidelines. Two very different but equally enjoyable sides to the same meeting.
Pictures show Terry awarding the Young Artist trophy to Amy with the digital art on show behind and Jacqui Molyneux delivering her presentation

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